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For Emergent and Beginning Readers PK-3

Your child can now read vivid stories about influential people of color with the Look Like Me series (PK-3)


Beacon Pinnacle Press | Nikki House Books

Intentional Ambition

Our intention is to give life through high quality literature of all genres. Readers will expand their knowledge; gain the courage to dig beneath long-held beliefs; open the eyes of their hearts to see new truths about their inner and outer worlds; and ultimately set themselves free to be exactly who they were created to be.

Nikki House Books

Nikki House Books is our service mission to address the diversity gap in multicultural books for children, particularly kids just learning to read. Over the past 21 years, only 10% of the children's books contained multicultural content although people of color make up 36% of the U.S. population.

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